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on velocity | our different sameness
July 31st, 2014

“Seize the day, then let it go.” -Marty Rubin

Life can move at such a tremendous pace. This can be exhilarating. And, it can be unsettling. Sometimes, it is both. Trying to tease out the best way to make your way in the world while traveling at such an incredible velocity is a daunting task. But, try we must. It is so tempting (so tempting!) to equate being busy with living fully – to keep plunging forward into future time before you’ve lived fully in the present. Just as living in the past is not truly living, trying to live in the future isn’t any better.

Be present. Be present. Be present. Find stillness within the velocity that is life. Slow down the moments that matter by living them. Seize them. Breathe into them. Then, let them go.

For my contribution to our project this month, I offer this image that represents both velocity and the idea of finding peace and fullness within it.

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Our Different Sameness is the combined effort of a group of photographers seeking to explore our human connection through images and words. In our attempt to authentically capture what may prove to be intangible and elusive, we seek only to journey together honestly. Every month, we will explore what it means to be human, and how we experience life as part of a collective. Our goal is not only to explore these themes, but to celebrate the sameness we find within them. To learn more about the project and view our work, visit us here.

these two sisters | a project in 52 weeks
July 25th, 2014

After four days apart, the two of you celebrated your reunion in spectacular fashion.

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 week 29

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Letters to Our Daughters | July 2014
July 17th, 2014

“What is that feeling when you’re driving away from people and they recede on the plain till you see their specks dispersing? – it’s the too-huge world vaulting us, and it’s good-bye. But we lean forward to the next crazy venture beneath the skies.”  ― Jack Kerouac

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Lately, you have been climbing trees. You seem to enjoy the challenge and the adventure. I enjoy watching you. The ascent is always interesting, but it is what happens at the top of your climb that I love the most. You perch there peacefully taking in the view from the top. In this way you are in your own little world while still remaining a confident observer of this world. I love watching you watch the world.

If you were to take a look at the images above, you would certainly comment on the fact that you weren’t very high up in this particular tree. I am sorry that I’m not sharing your best work. But, my dear, these images reach right into my heart for some reason. They are so you. And, they are so me. I have climbed so many trees in my life. Can you believe that? I once considered myself quite the treetop adventurer. I have the faintest memory of what that felt like – being perched at the top of the world. It was exhilarating and affirming. Can you feel it? I think you can.

Your life is a challenge and an adventure. Every day. Rejoice in it. Always lean forward to that next crazy venture.

Always and forever wishing you God’s peace,

Your Mom


* I am so honored to join a group of talented photographers in documenting our journeys as mothers to our daughters through letters and accompanying imagery. Next in our circle of letters is the talented Jill Cassara. Read her letter here. And, if you feel so moved, do leave some love in the form of a comment. *