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paying a little respect to authenticity | old town alexandria extended family session
May 24th, 2014

The photography industry, it can be a strange bird. There is definitely a sub-culture there that pays more respect to the superficial than to the authentic. And, I have at times fallen victim to that. I have allowed myself to be sold ideas that had little or nothing to do with me or with the people who welcome me into their lives. I have worried too much about what my images look like to other photographers. I have failed to share images that I felt something for in fear that my audience would see their imperfection. This has worn on me. It caused me to lose perspective. It hindered growth. Thankfully, at some point in this journey, my view shifted. I took a step back and got a little perspective. What I love about this business is the privilege of getting to know people. My commitment lies in loving people and showing up and seeing them. I see you. I see your family. I see your love, your anxiety, your strength and your vulnerability. I see it because you show up and you show it to me. You honor me. I thank you for that. And, I should mention that I am not alone. There are so many photographers in this industry that lead with authenticity and with love for people and for art. I admire them. I respect them. They inspire me.

While it is always wonderful to be recognized for what you do and lauded for your work, perhaps I’ll always just create images that only resonate with those who love within them. I think that would be more than okay with me.















I photographed Pierce and his family in celebration of his first birthday. They asked me back to capture their extended family. There was so much love and respect shared between them. And, I had the privilege of hanging with them and capturing it all.