five minutes at 6pm
December 4th, 2015

Inspired by the five minute project, which dares to ask “What do you see in five minutes?”, I have decided once a month to offer up a series of images taken in the span of five minutes. And, because I enjoy working in community with others, I am teaming up with the phenomenal Meg Prouse, one of the most inspiring and talented photographers on my radar.

It is my goal with this project to capture what is usually considered the mundane in hopes of bringing to my attention (and maybe to yours) the absolute beauty that exists in every moment.


You guys, it is really dark this time of year at 6pm. And, this darkness definitely left me less than inspired this month. On a whim, I decided I’d just take some shots of Lillian in front of her window and see what came of it. After a little bit of that, she suggested we bring a candle into the mix. (Girl loves candles.) The end result isn’t the best work, but it made for good times with my gal (and included a discussion of how cameras work and why light is important). So, it turned pretty awesome. I enjoyed five minutes with Littles at 6pm.






What does Meg see in five minutes at 6pm? Find out by clicking the preview image below.


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