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February 27th, 2014

“What you seek is seeking you.” – Rumi

Adoration: a deep love, devotion, and reverence. A call to look closer – to see within another being something of the divine and to see within your connection to that being something of the divine in you. I never knew adoration until I grew into motherhood (and it should be noted that I am still growing). I love my children completely. But then, there are moments when I simply adore them. It overwhelms me and crushes me and completes me. Who I am and who they are melt away to reveal something far more profound. God is there in that intense love. A fullness and richness and holiness lies in that adoration. It is so complex and yet so simple. What you seek is seeking you. And, in those moments, connection!

My second daughter Eliot came screaming into this world. She was so full of fire and beauty. When I laid eyes on her, I saw God looking back. That moment was my miracle. It was my connection. It was terrifying. And, it was beautiful. A moment of adoration so rich and full that it cleaved my life in two. There was my life before that moment and there is my life after. To honor that moment, I chose an image of Eliot for my contribution to our project this month. It was important to me that I avoided a more traditional composition, because I wanted the image to be representative of a feeling and a moment rather than a person. Because her eyes are not present in the image, it makes it more anonymous and allows it to represent both of my daughters instead of just one.

My adoration for my children has proven not a distinct and exclusive emotion but an endless spring to draw upon in all moments of my life. Through it I see all things differently. It is my touchstone. It is my guide.

I leave you with a quote that probably says better than me some of what I wished to say.

“Issues of love bear on our opening to the basic nature of reality as compassion, and beginning to see that we are fundamentally not separate from others or from the basic ground. This makes our ability to love and our nourishment from love more unconditional. Love is not merely an emotion. It is a meltdown that reestablishes a more unified space of brilliance, goodness, and sadness. This is the real of function of love in spiritual tradition.” – Lama Lodro Dorje

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Our Different Sameness is the combined effort of a group of photographers seeking to explore our human connection through images and words. In our attempt to authentically capture what may prove to be intangible and elusive, we seek only to journey together honestly. Every month, we will explore what it means to be human, and how we experience life as part of a collective. Our goal is not only to explore these themes, but to celebrate the sameness we find within them. To learn more about the project and view our work, visit us here.

  1. Meg
    February 28, 2014

    Oh Crystal, this is just gorgeous. I am always floored by your images, and this one is no different. But the thing that gets me even more is your writing ability. It is so coherent and well-composed, and goes straight to my heart. So touching…and very, VERY beautiful!

  2. February 28, 2014

    Your image resonates perfectly with your “call to look closer.” In this perspective, I can see how little she is at the same time as how much she has grown and how she will continue to grow into a girl and young woman. I can see grace and hope and love. <3

  3. March 11, 2014

    Wow. Your words are so powerful and your images simply speaks to my heart. Thank you for sharing this!

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