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December 27th, 2013

Parenting is a wild ride, no?

I had lunch today (a glorious two and a half hour lunch sans children!) with my best photographer friend (hey Sally!). We talked about all kinds of things, but we laughed the hardest when we talked about parenting. I mean, seriously. It’s crazy. The things you say and do throughout a day spent with children. And, the things they say back at you. Madness. Glorious madness.

In my short life as a parent, I have said or have heard my husband say the following:

“No, we don’t wash our hair in the toilet!”

“Well, that’s what happens when you try to swing from the fan!”

“Brown sugar sandwiches are not good for us. They just aren’t.”

I could go on and on.

Needless to say, I embrace the chaos (or at least I try to). And, I adore spending time with families who are also in thick of it, and who readily admit that life as a parent can be a crazy mess. Laughing with other parents and connecting with them on that level is really a truly wonderful part of being a parent. Luckily, it is also part of my job.

I met up with this family one day this fall, and we chased the kids around and talked about the madness of it all. The entire time, I marveled at the fullness of this family – such joy and excitement and love. Such is life with two of a kind, I guess.












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