Val, Charlie & Hardin | at home in Dallas, Texas
February 25th, 2014

Val, Charlie & Hardin,

Marriage made us family. But, it didn’t make us friends. It didn’t make us loved ones. Something else – something far larger and more fantastic – brought us together and made us that and for that I am so very grateful. You see, one of the greatest gifts in my life is my connection with your family.

Photographing the three of you was a gift to me, because it caused me to pause and to truly look at you – to see you. I see love. And, I hope you see love also. Because the love between the three of you is a thing to be celebrated – the joy, the commitment, the strength and, always, the devotion. Let these images remind you of that.

Let these images also remind you that you are loved by me. And, let them serve as my thanks to you for your friendship, your laughter, your support, and your companionship. xo.











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